Welcome to WeAreHis Ministries

Being a Follower of Jesus is an exciting life! Have you noticed this? Are you experiencing such a life?

Over time we have come to realize that many Christians don't experience this, most often because they have not been taught how much God loves them and cares about their struggle

  • with sin;
  • with the condemnation that Satan tries to put on believers;
  • with the "religiosity" of others;
  • and with anything that may hinder them living a life of fullness in Christ - or as Jesus puts it - the Abundant Life!

But there is hope! Instead of giving up, believers need to address why this is happening.

The failure of believers to understand who they are, the authority they have, the privileges they have now that they are Followers of Jesus, and how God has supplied all they need to succeed in living as victorious believers is not the fault of the individual believer. Often someone accepts Jesus as Saviour via the "sinner's prayer" in an evangelistic outreach and is welcomed into the family of God. And there is rejoicing by all - rightfully so!

But the next day the struggle begins for real.

The new believer knows that life should now be different, and they may even understand they have the help of Holy Spirit to enable them to live this new life, but where do they start, how do they exercise their new authority, and how do they overcome the temptations that come their way?

Soon the new believer, though sincere in their acceptance of Jesus as Saviour, begins to falter in walking out the new life they know they should have - and Satan is right at hand to remind them of their failures, quick to point out wrongdoing, anxious to destroy the faith of the new believer. What was embraced with hope and joy and enthusiasm is soon turned into an unwinnable chore - desperately trying to live the Abundant Life that was promised. Joy soon passes out of reach.

What happened?

The most common cause of new believers giving up is that there was little-to-no follow-up to the evangelistic outreach, little-to-no teaching and little-to-no training in the basics of Christianity. Except for one or two friends who try to encourage them, the new believer is often left on their own as they face the struggles of daily life, trying to effect change but unable to do so. They are like a plumber who knows how to fix the problem, but lacks the tools and the knowledge of how best to use the tools.

That is where we come in. We believe that we can help.