What We Believe

It is natural for those who wish to use our services or who wish to help support WeAreHis Ministry to also want to know a bit more about the beliefs of those involved and principles the ministry operates under. Our Statement of Faith is very simple and focuses on the basics of the Christian faith.

Statement of Faith and Belief:

The Bible contains the revelation of:

  • who God is;
  • the state of mankind;
  • God’s plan of salvation for mankind; and
  • how Christians should live and conduct their lives.

The Bible is the final authority in matters regarding spiritual life.

The Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed encapsulate the basic teachings of the Bible as it relates to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, life and eternity.

God desires followers of Jesus Christ to live in victory and to enjoy life here on earth; and therefore has given us all we need to achieve that purpose.

Practice of Ministry

We believe that the Gifts of Holy Spirit are valid for today and that they are given for the benefit of the believer. Therefore we seek to incorporate these gifts in the ministry as we encourage others to take advantage of all that God has resourced them with in dealing with life here on earth, and as they too seek to implement the Great Commission given by Christ.